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With the number of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine safety standards

by:Hisson     2020-09-21
Now production requirement of injection molding machine continuously improve, safety certification has been more and more important for injection molding machine manufacturer, abroad for injection molding machine main safety standards of the European CE standard and the standard SPI. Machinery for implementation of relevant safety standards, most of the European standard EN or international standard ISO, IEC, export products general requirements by CE or SPI standard certification. At this point, vertical injection molding machine factory for you explain several injection molding machine safety standards. As domestic plastics machinery manufacturing level of ascension, injection molding machine export increases, the safety protection requirements for injection molding machine has more and more important, the CE standard or standard is an important standard of export machine to perform SPI, how to effectively use protection configuration in the safety standard, makes the cost and equipped with optimization, is a direction of the security project design. Are discussed in this paper is just a part of the injection molding machine safety standards, the difference between the conventional machine a few differences, with the development of plastic machinery in the future, these projects are likely to change. Aiming at the condition of the existing in the current production of injection molding machine safety standards projects, and some of the manufacturers, the error in the process of production, the following is part of the injection molding machine safety standards for some discussions of the project: mechanical machinery safety protection device and the safety control standards relating to safety distance with three: to prevent the safe distance of upper limb reach the danger zone, prevent the lower limb touches of danger safe distance, to avoid human body each part of the extrusion, the minimum distance. Mechanical shield is primarily prevent moving parts from danger, mainly has fixed protection device, interlock protection device, such as security project in view of the injection molding machine regular project main difference: the clamping area on the mobile plate: according to the safety standards of prevent upper reach the danger zone set up by the safety distance requirements, demands in protective structure height not less than standard height, otherwise should be set on the seal plate protective structure, prevent the upper limb over the protective structure reach the danger zone. Safety door closed distance: according to the safety standards of avoid the human body each part of extrusion, the requirement of the minimum distance of the safety door is closed front with the safety of the operation box distance, generally takes the form of anti-collision bar, circular hollow rubber strip, and between the forefront of the gate and operating box, contact when operating box in the security, prevent the impact vibration, effectively protect the computer panel to prevent arms reach the danger zone. Linkage type hydraulic safety lock: according to the safety standards of clamping area hazard protection type and set of requirements, once any open before and after the security, can function at the same time, hydraulic control valves and travel switch to cut off the clamping action of the hydraulic power supply or power supply, to achieve the terms of the safety standards for protection type, and can be combined with a single stroke switch, improve the security protection grade. Other: shoot tip shield, enclosed plastic cylinder cover, blanking mouth with fences and other security programs are important. The hydraulic protection components and electrical wiring plug wire specification valve: most manufacturers use DIN plug connection type, with ISO standard and unified, in accordance with CE standard. Hydraulic control valve connection methods common have a direct method, the casing connection method. Direct connection mode is without sheath, with sheath line connect directly to the valve plug, connection is convenient, cost is low, but not waterproof and dustproof, wiring fixed not easily, may appear loose phenomenon, the joints can not meet the protection requirements, a protection area. Casing connection method to use ( Corrugated) Plastic hose connection way of each valve plug used single hose to transition junction box, can overcome the deficiency of direct connection, after using this kind of casing protection grade can reach and the hydraulic control valves at the same degree of protection. Finally, vertical injection molding machine factory is pointed out that high-pressure hose connector to connect to prevent out device: in order to prevent dithering, above 5 mpa hose and coupling components should be able to prevent the emergence or unconscious was taken down; and to harm the person, project safety requirements in the hose coupling connection and protection, effectively prevent the high pressure rubber tubing joint dislodgement, remove the damage or unconscious. General rubber hose now has explosion-proof chains, and other special equipment.
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